Wednesday, February 11, 2009

so sayeth the shepard so sayeth the flock

I'm going to go ahead and say it: those people who asked Obama questions in Florida yesterday did a damn good job at representing Obama's flock. From the homeless sad lady to the McDonalds dude, that's Obama's congregation. And don't you love how he felt the need to say "I believe in prayer" when the sad homeless lady who asked for a car and a bathroom said she prayed for him. Really? You believe in prayer? Why would we possibly think you don't, because you don't have a soul? Because you're literally the anti-Christ come to destroy our lives and lay waste to the land? Becuase you couldn't even vote for a bill that would provide medical attention to aborted fetuses that survived an abortion? Because with a record like that, I would have hoped you believe in prayer.

You sound like you've got good communications skills?! Obama actually told the McDonalds guy "you sound like you've got good communication skills??" He's the best liar I've ever seen. There are no earmarks in the stimulus? Yeah. Sure.

Oh, and where's my free house?

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