Friday, April 17, 2009

If this stupid bitch wants to see angry Republicans in action, I think she may just get her wish. I'm gonna shove her limbic brain up her liberal elitist asshole. I will be boycotting my favorite show, 24. I will be emailing a response to her baseless allegations that the Republican conservative movement has morphed into the white power movement. But most of all, I will be, for the first time, attending a local Republican party gathering tomorrow. I am livid. My limbic brain is just seething right now. How dare she? Who do these moronic infantile Obama ball lickers think they are? The time has come to respond. Loudly. To respond to their horrible, ignorant claims as to who we are. The left has outed itself to be as intolerant closed-minded and elitist as they constantly accuse the right of being.

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