Sunday, November 1, 2009

My two dads...I loved that show!

I've had gay adoption on my mind lately. Probably because I've had gay adoption on my TV lately. Two of the only good shows on TV right now, Modern Family and Flipping Out, feature gay men raising a baby daughter. Granted, one show is a sit-com while the other is a reality show with two actual gay guys and a real daughter, but seeing it so often has prompted me to think a bit more about the reality of it.

I have always been in support of gay adoption, in theory. After all, there are all kinds of families and all kinds of kids that need homes. Why rule out an entire avenue of adoption for kids? But I have to admit, my gut reaction when I first saw Ryan and Chloe (on Flipping Out) was a little twinge of sadness that she would not have the opportunity to have a mother. Don't girls need mothers?

Then that led me to think about all of the single fathers raising daughters with no moms in the picture, for whatever reason. So what's the difference? Does it matter that the gay fathers scenario is mom-less by design and not by circumstance? Honestly, I don't think it does. I think Chloe is lucky to have two parents who love her and can provide for her. Although I think she should probably spend less unsupervised time with Jeff until he develops better child-appropriate humor boundaries.

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