Thursday, July 29, 2010

Michael Savage Versus The World

I'm a talk radio junkie. Since I'm a conservative, you'd be right to assume I listen to a lot of conservative talk radio. I also, however, listen to PRI, NPR, and CSPAN radio.

On the days I work out of the house, I start my day with a little of the Mancow show - that guy is funny! And it's such a fun mix of infantile potty humor and political talk and celebrity guests - it's just nuts! I only listen for about 45 minutes or an hour until Laura Ingraham starts.

I discovered Laura probably 5 years ago, and she's just fantastic. She can be really annoying at times, say, when she goes off on a rant about being a Catholic convert or sometimes her sense of humor is just really dorky, but she's overall very funny and smart.

Then, of course, I listen to the Maha Rushie. Rush is my personal inspiration. He's the best. I will never understand why he is so reviled..wait, I take that back. He scares the Left because he's effective, he's right, he's popular, so they demonize him. Don't believe the hype that he's hated. He wouldn't have the most most listened to radio program in America if he was everything they say he is. I'm a full-time student of the EIB Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies. I even have the t shirt to prove it.

When Rush is over, I log into TRN and catch the previous day's episode of Michael Savage. If ever a man was misunderstood and lied about, it's Dr. Savage. If you've never listened to the Savage Nation or read any of his many, many books, (some written as Michael Weiner) and you've only heard commentary about him, your opinion should not yet be fully formed. I've been a loyal member of the Savage Nation since I stumbled upon his show driving home one day several years ago, and he was recounting the story "dead man's pants," which, if you're a fellow fan of Dr. Savage, you will immediately recognize.

He's a perfect mixture of old man grumpitude, (often belittling and hanging up on his less intelligent callers,) wise old world traveler, very educated and successful and financially successful, but without an ounce of elitism ever coming across. He's clearly proud of his accomplishments, his family, loves the beauty of the area he lives in, despite the liberal domination. He's the son of immigrants and proud of it. He values this country and would stop at nothing to protect it, and that's exactly how I feel-the main difference being I have an audience of one, and he's married to me, whereas Dr. Savage has the third listened to radio program in America.

So, when Dr. Savaged made mention of a WSJ article about him and said he was going to read it for us, but then suddenly changed his mind and his mood was noticeably affected by this, I was concerned. So I read the article for myself. What a load of tripe. Worse than that, it was a blatant, hit piece. And I mean hit piece literally. The opening line states specifically where Dr. Savage lives-information he intentionally does not give out publicly. It then goes on to report when he enjoys having dinner other places he frequents, all the while interspersing little factoids about how he live with the awareness of death threats and is careful as possible. I read this lame article several times over and over trying to find a point. Any redeeming quality. I could find none. I actually think the article should be pulled and the WSJ should be ashamed of themselves. If anything should happen to Dr. Savage over this information being disseminated, there will be hell to pay with the members of the Savage Nation. the WSJ will be held responsible.

I would like to do a quick compare and contrast between the Savage Nation and The World, on PRI. What actually inspired this whole rant, prior even to reading the WSJ article, was just how pretentious and out of touch the PRI gang really comes across as. Don't misunderstand, I enjoy PRI and the international stories they have are stories often not covered anywhere else in the mainstream media. I give them credit for that, and that's why I'm a fan. I could do without the outright liberal bias, but even that is less bothersome than those little sound quote things they do in between programming. I don't know exactly how to describe it, but you'll hear someone say something random like "I was standing in line and I saw a guy in a cowboy hat next to a Hasidic jew." And she says it as if she was retelling the tale of the time she saw a ghost and one-armed naked midget hold up a bank. I mean, if the most exciting people you've ever seen were a guy in a cowboy hat, made all the more exciting because he was next to a hasidic jew, you need to get out more. One other random quote played a lot as filler between shows is an obviously older lady saying "Most people make clay cups and then make the handle and then put them together. Well, what if I want to hang the handle on the wall?" She says it with such indignation as if someone taunted her in the first grade about how she made pottery and she's still harboring latent anger. Lady, nobody cares if you want to hang your shitty pottery pieces on you wall. Go for it! But it doesn't make you an artist. Sorry.

Anyway, I was overcome in response to the cowboy hat jew statement that I had "known" more colorful people just from simple life stories shared by Michael Savage. They are funny, heart-felt, genuine, and they take you there-wherever "there" is. His dad's antique shop, taking the train to visit cousins, making an after hours delivery to the half man, half woman. I could go on.

I would like to recommend whoever those hippies who make those inane statements that are meant to come across as, I guess deep and showcasing observed diversity, you could learn a thing or two from Dr. Savage. His stories are real and have meaning. A contrived quick statement about seeing a guy in a cowboy hat standing next to a hasidic jew sounds like a trip to the grocery store to me, to be honest with you. I can be in line behind a guy in a turban, a 12 year old girl dressed up like a 25 year old hooker, an American solder, in full-fatigues just getting a few things to take wherever he may be going, and me, I'm in line wearing my "Chris Christie for President" t shirt that nobody ever comments on. I had it made to stir up controversy, but nobody in Texas seems to know who he is. I guess I have to make a pamphlet to go with my shirt.

Whatever, in sum, PRI tries too hard to say things that "portray diversity caught in daily life" that might be their purpose, I don't know. Sadly, they are coming across as lame and elitist.

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