Thursday, February 12, 2009

I think the Octuplets mom should be Obama's new press secretary. She needs a job and he needs a new press secretary, it's a match made in heaven! I watched her Dateline interview last night and her ability to lie is Clintonesque. She said she hadn't had her lips done, even after we saw pictures of her from a few years ago when she still had normal human lips. She also said she takes no taxpayer money and stood by the claim even after it came out that she survives solely on food stamps, student loans and disability payments for three of her six youngest victims. I mean kids. God only knows what payout she'll get once her new litter gets diagnosed with whatever they'll have to suffer with from being squeezed into that clown car she calls a uterus. She kept insisting society was only judging her because she is single. She failed to realize if a married couple was broke, unemployed, mentally unstable, already had half a dozen kids and then they also went to a fertility doctor and had half a dozen more eggs put in the ez bake uterus and went home nine months later with 14 kids, we'd be judging them just as harshly.

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