Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I saw a short news story about the Swat region of Pakistan on Special Report last night. They're now under Sharia law and the story showed some guys being publicly flogged. That was pretty terrible, but I found a story online just now that made me cry. Look at this face. That could be my daughter. Your daughter.

Pashawar (AsiaNews) – Sharia courts have begun to administer justice in the Swat Valley. With Sharia in place in Malakand area, women are no longer allowed to go out unaccompanied or speak in public. They must also cover their heads. Girls’ schools, essentially run by missionaries, could close for good, especially after recent bomb attacks. Although no one was injured in the blasts, about a thousands girls are now unable to go to class, about 95 per cent of whom are Muslim.

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