Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Stupid Liberal Bitch's Perspective

The title of this story should be How One Stupid Whiny Liberal Bitch Didn't Enjoy Her Abnormal Mammogram Results. Really? You didn't have a fun time waiting for the results of your abnormal mammogram? And it was stressful getting a needle biopsy around the holidays? Not one ounce of gratitude for the thorough work of the people involved in your top-notch medical care? From the mammogram tech to the radiologist, it sounds to me like you received great care and attention from all involved and your response to the fact that you are extremely fortunate to NOT FUCKING HAVE CANCER is to recommend women not get screening mammograms in case they have an abnormal mammogram that ends up not being cancer, which is actually a good thing that you somehow made into a bad thing.

The money quote from this piece of tripe is the following tidbit of wisdom, seeming to come as either an afterthought or simply a mindless platitude:

"In retrospect, my experience is trivial when I think of dear friends who did have breast cancer that was found and treated early thanks to regular mammograms. Or the ones for whom detection came too late. "

Then she actually goes on to pose the question, "Still, I can't help but think: Wouldn't it have been nice if these new standards had been in place back then? " Hello, McFly! What makes you think women of any age can't have suspicious findings on their mammograms that require further testing and then turn out to be nothing? The answer to that question is that you aren't thinking. You're towing the liberal line and supporting a ridiculous recommendation that is nothing more than the first attempt at health care rationing, and we all know it.

This whole "article" is completely pointless and maddening. What would she prefer have happened? Doctors simply not do any follow up or doctors use their psychic powers to determine if there was a serious problem? Let's all get real here, dealing with medical problems sucks. It isn't fun. But you know what is fun? Finding out you don't fucking have cancer! How is she not just relieved and grateful? I guess I just don't get it.

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