Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hey, Tiger...just be glad you don't live in Somalia

However you slice it, Tiger Woods is lucky. In so many ways. He's lived a life of privilege, spoiled and taking advantage of all his life had to offer. And with the easy life came easy women.

But as bad as things may look right now to Tiger, losing your family right before Christmas, irreparably destroying a carefully cultivated and very lucrative public image, already losing a few endorsement deals as well as countless female fans, it could be worse. Much, much worse.

You see, in America, infidelity is not a big deal. We expect our celebrities to cheat, in fact we're more surprised if they don't. In Somalia, however, they stone their adulterers in public. Instead of being named player of the year, Tiger could have had the same fate as this man.
So, Tiger Woods, here's something to be happy about this holiday season: you don't live in a backwards country ruled by militant Islamists who publicly pummel your head with rocks while you're buried up to your neck if you break your marriage vows. But you just might get some coal in your stocking. Because you are an asshole.

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