Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I watched an Oprah show yesterday. I haven't seen the show since I turned it off in disgust back after her "Secrets of Motherhood" embarrassment of a show. This one was about childhood obesity, and it had Dr. Oz, so I watched. It was a summer rerun, but I'm glad I watched for two reasons.

Reason one is that the author of a great book that I really like was a guest. His name is David Zinczenko & he's now written a book about what kids should eat to be healthy. Good for him. He's cute and funny and a great writer.

Reason two: Dr. Oz is awesome and I love him. I wish he was my dad. The best thing about him is that he tells the truth, even to Oprah. Yesterday he said something like, if you want to get fat, go on food stamps. I remember once he told Oprah that adult stem cells showed more promise than embryonic. She was floored. How does his intelligence not rub off her liberal mindlessness?

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