Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh, snap! Hillary shows who's boss...or at least Secretary of State

Okay, so I have to admit I was psyched when I heard the audio of Hillary's snippy response to a question from an African student. I did a search to find the video and had to watch it twice-once I was distracted by her unflattering outfit and then again to absorb the whole event.

Honest to god, my reaction is this: I probably would have said the same thing. Not only said the same thing, I would have sat back with indignation the way she did. The difference between me and Hillary Rodham Clinton is that she is, as she reminded that student, the Secretary of State; but she didn't act like it.

The problem I have with libs is that they want all the accolades and respect that comes along with positions of power, but none of the responsibility or expectations. Plus, I think the years and years of not being held accountable by the friendly mainstream media has made them lazy.

As it turns out, it was apparently a "lost in translation" moment, but a very telling and fascinating moment none the less.

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The problem with the clip above, from MSNBC, is that it conveniently leaves out the actual question she was asked and just makes her look bad. God, I can't believe I'm defending Hillary, bleh. But the fact is, the commentary about her reaction to this question is biased. Brian Williams has the balls to say "She thought someone asked her..." She thought someone asked her, Brian Williams? I'm pretty sure someone DID ask her a specific sexist question. Yes, it was supposedly an error in the translation, but the question she was asked was offensive.

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